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Mike, NI2S's Ham Blog

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1/Jul/06:  The first order of business was to allocate a corner of my basement to my ham shack.  So, after a marathon of cleaning and chucking the various accumulated flotsam from my remodeling efforts, the basement was cleared.  I purchased an L shaped desk for $127.00 from Staples, and began accumulating my ham gear scattered though-out the house and garage.  Concurrent with cleaning chores, I contacted Elecraft and asked them for advice on kicking off the kit build after sitting on the shelf for so long.  I assumed - correctly so - that there were many enhancements/revisions since I bought #353.  Elecraft provided the necessary sage advice, and I wound up ordering a supplemental enhancement pack from them for $159.00 to bring my Revision A rig up to a Revision B build.  Technically this means my rig is no longer SN#353, since Elecraft ups the SN when you do this.  But to me, the rig will always be good ole #353.

I dug out my anti-static mat, dusted and cleaned my articulating magnifier lamp, and set up the other necessities of a major kit build and...now I am ready!

Build components:

                            K2 QRP HF Transceiver                 SSB Module

                            160 Meter Module                         Audio Filter module

                            Battery Supply Module                   Automatic Antenna Tuner

                            2nd Ant. Mod                               Noise Blanker

     Here is a pic of my shack's kit build work area before starting: 

Control Board Assembly 

27/Jul/06: The first component to be assembled is the control board:

    And so it begins!!  The first part is laid, a 33k ohm resistor:

   And after completing the 1st page of installation instructions: