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30-Mar-08 - RF Board Assembly Continued


Life has been getting busy for me now that spring is here.  The kit build was interrupted while I prepared to host a family gathering for Easter.  However, before this I managed to install much of the remaining components on the RF board.  Thankfully, there were no additional missing part issues.  No really notable component challenges for this round - just a ton of resistors, capacitors and a few transistors to install.  Elecraft does not instruct on whether to install and solder one component at at time or not.  I decided to solder these components one at a time because of how crowded the board is getting.  I think this was the right way to go.


Now I am at the final stages of the RF board assembly.  Elecraft reserved a large number of toroids for the end of the kit.  I have wound all the band pass filter toroids and installed them.  I am currently working on the challenging double wound T2 core.  I wound it incorrectly the first go.  Subconsciously I must have known T2 was wrong because I spontaneously decided to recount the windings after I installed it.  So, after discovering that I was short a winding, I had to uninstall - a total pain - and T2 is now waiting to be re-wound.  After T2 is re-done, there are only a relative few more components to install, and I am done!  Here are front and back pic of the board just before I started on the pass-band filter windings: