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09-Jun -08 - RF Board Final Assembly


So, after yet another break to take care of other stuff I have going on, I am now in the home stretch of motherboard assembly.  These last handful of steps are difficult.


As I mentioned in the previous post, T2 gave me some trouble as I wound it improperly.  I have since gone back and re-wound and installed it. (Note in the following pic, T2 is centered in the pic to the right of the T3 PCB outline.)



After T2 comes T3 - a larger torriod with a twisted pair of windings.  I tried to make the torroid look like the pic in the manual as much as possible before installation:



This one was tricky due to the placement of the leads on the pcb relative to the red and green wires.  Lest we forget, I am color blind so sorting out the two wires for proper PCB placement was a challenge, but I am confident I got it right.



After T3 comes T4 oddly enough.  I haven't mounted this one yet because the manual cautions that T4 is permanently mounted over two set screws which support a small aluminum mounting block for the outer case.  Since we don't want this coming loose, I am going to pick up a tube of red lock-tite to ensure those little suckers stay where they are.