We like this receiver because it is not only a ham receiver, and a right fine one at that, but because it represents (at least to us) the pinnacle of art deco industrial functional design.  In short, this is just as cool looking a receiver today as it was then.  Note the unique characteristic of this rig is the dual purpose tuning knob - it is also the band switch, and employs a novel rack and pinion device to change bands once the knob is pulled out towards the operator.

Website credits:  The below datasheet was obtained from Niel Wiegand's National Radio website http://www.io.com/~nielw/nat_list/nat_list.htm



The NC-240D is a professional communications receiver in every sense. Sturdy and dependable, it uses a cast aluminum coil set carriage for all tuned stages and a positive drive mechanism. All coils are on polystyrene forms with air trimmers used throughout. It is truly stable and selective.

Designed for the radio amateur, the NC-240D receiver is also suitable for general communications service in the 490 to 30,000 kc. range. Calibrated electrical bandspread tuning is provided for the 80, 40, 20, 11-10 meter Amateur bands.



  • Full vision, easy to read, calibrated dial


  • 6 general coverage and 4 bandspread dial scales


  • Single tuning and band switching control knob


  • Stable high frequency oscillator circuit


  • Flexible crystal filter


  • Series valve noise limiter


  • Auxiliary numerical logging dial



    R.F. Amp. 6SK7
    1st Det. 6K8
    H.F. Osc. 6J5
    1st I.F. Amp. 6SK7
    2nd I.F. Amp. 6K7
    C.W. Osc. 6SN7
    A.V.C., push-pull Audio Output (3) 6V6
    Rectifier 5Y3G



    General Coverage Band Spread
    490 kc. - 30 Mc. 27 - 30 Mc.
      14 - 14.4 Mc.
      7 - 7.3 Mc.
      3.5 - 4 Mc.


    SENSITIVITY: Less than I microvolt input produces a 6 db. signal/noise ratio.

    SELECTIVITY: Crystal Filter OFF


    Voltage Ratio Nominal Bandwidth
    6 db. 4.0 kc.
    60 db. 22.0 kc.

    Crystal Filter In - 20 db.


    Position Nominal Bandwidth
    1 6.0 kc.
    2 4.0 kc.
    3 2.0 kc.
    4 1.0 kc.
    5 Max Selectivity - 200 cycles.

    A.V.C. CHARACTERISTIC: Constant within +-3 db. from 10. to 100,000 microvolts input.

    IMAGE REJECTION: Above 50 db. up to 10 Mc. Above 40 db. up to 15 Mc. Above 30 db. up to 30 Mc.

    AUDIO FIDELITY: The frequency response of the audio system is flat within +- 2 db. from 50 cycles to 10,000 cycles.

    POWER INPUT: Approximately 70 watts; either 110-120 or 220-240 volts 50/60 cycle, Phase a.c., A plug and socket is provided for convenient external connection for battery operation.

    POWER OUTPUT: A 10,000 ohm output circuit delivers 8 watts with negligible distortion.


    Table Model: NC-240DT; 19 1/4" x 10 5/8" x 15 1/2": Weight- 60 Lbs., Finish -- Gray Wrinkle; Enclosure -- Cabinet.

    Rack Model: NC-240DR; 19" x 10 1/2" x 17 1/2"; Weight- 65 Lbs.; depth behind panel 14 7/8" overall; Finish -- Gray Wrinkle; Enclosure -- Dust Cover.


    Rack or Table Model (with tubes) Net $225.00

    NC-2RS (Rack) or NC-2TS (Table) Speaker Net $16.44

    Source: National Radio Products 1948 Catalog, Picture from WA1KPD

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