The Heathkit HW-101 Transceiver

This rig is one of the most famous of all Heathkit radios.  A solid performer in it's day, it was a rugged, dependable radio Hams could build themselves from a kit.  Heathkit sold tens of thousands of this kit.  Many newer Hams have never heard of the Heathkit company.  Heathkit was a firm that pioneered the home electrionics kit building industry.  Many would argue that they perfected the niche.  To this day, people familiar with the legendary firm still compare modern kit firms such as Elecraft to Heathkit.  Sadly, technology inexorably marches on, and Heathkit fell victim to the advent of Surface Mount Components. It also appeared that after Zenith acquired the firm, management was pre-disposed to hostility towards the electronic kit division of Heath.  At best Zenith seemed apathetic to the niche, and eventually discontinued electronic kit building altogether.  The fact that Elecraft, as well as others, proved kits can compete with SMC commercially manufactured rigs tells us that Heathkit didn't have to die; it was Heath's own management that killed the firm.



    HW-101                    Top                   Bottom               Speaker            Power Supply


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