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Volunteer Examiner Sessions


The West Essex Amateur Radio Club (WEARC) administers Amateur Radio examinations at the Essex Fells Service Building.  The following dates are scheduled:





Wednesday, January 9                        7:30 PM  Walk-ins welcome

Wednesday, February 13                     7:30 PM  Walk-ins welcome
Wednesday, March 13                          7:30 PM  Walk-ins welcome
Wednesday, April 10                           7:30 PM  Walk-ins welcome
Wednesday, May 8                             7:30 PM  Walk-ins welcome
Wednesday, June 12                            7:30 PM  Walk-ins welcome
Wednesday, July 10                            7:30 PM  Walk-ins welcome
Wednesday, August 14                        7:30 PM  Walk-ins welcome
Wednesday, September 11                   7:30 PM  Walk-ins welcome
Wednesday, October 9                        7:30 PM  Walk-ins welcome
Wednesday, November 13                    7:30 PM  Walk-ins welcome
Wednesday, December 11                   7:30 PM  Walk-ins welcome




Exams for all license classes will be administered by volunteer examiners certified by the American Radio Relay League (ARRL).

        Contact to request a VE Session & registration:

                    John, President, WEARC


WEARC VE Session Instructions:


1. If you already hold an Amateur Radio license, you must bring your CURRENT ORIGINAL license and a PHOTOCOPY. The original license will be returned to you, and the photocopy will be attached to your application.  Without your original FCC license, the VE team cannot provide you with temporary upgrade credit at the session, even if you successfully complete the necessary element(s)

2. To receive credit for the written exam element you have previously passed, you must bring the ORIGINAL and a PHOTOCOPY of your Certificate of Successful Completion of Examination (CSCE). The CSCE must have been issued within the past 365 days, and can be from any VEC.  Photocopies alone of the CSCE are not acceptable

 3. Bring at least one pencil with an eraser, and an ink pen

 4. A PHOTO ID, or any two forms of positive identification from the list below:

                            * Non-photo driver's license or other ID card (school or employer)
                            * Birth certificate (with appropriate seal)
                            * Passport
                            * Minor's work permit
                            * Any business or personal correspondence addressed to you

5. Some electronic calculators (including programmable) are allowed. Be prepared to demonstrate to the administering VE Team that all calculator memories have been cleared, and that it has no built-in formulas. The VE Team may otherwise have to deny you the use of your calculator.


6. Scratch paper will be provided. All notes made during the test must remain with the test papers.  The CSCE for written and upgrade credit will be issued at the session.


 7. The test fee for ALL elements is $15. Please bring either a check or money order made out to "ARRL VEC" or exact cash.  The VE team will not be able to make change.



Location:  Essex Fells Service Building, 307 Runnymede Road, Second Floor, Essex Fells, NJ 07021


Driving Directions:

The Essex Fells Service Building is located on Runnymede Road, to the left of the Essex Fells Post Office next door.  We recommend accessing Runnymede Road from Roseland Ave for those not familiar with the area.  Essex Fells Municipal offices, which includes the Police and Fire Departments located on Roseland Ave is the landmark to use for locating the Runnymede road intersection. 


See Google map below of the immediate area.