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The Finest Sound Around!


146.415R / 147.415T     224.480R / 222.880T      447.875R / 442.875T

              (PL 85.4)                                                        (PL 156.7)


We invite you to use and support the W2QR Repeater System.  The three repeaters cover the northeast quadrant of New Jersey from Essex County.  The 440 Repeater is located on the first Watchung Mountain ridge in West Orange; the 220 Repeater is located on the second Watchung Mountain ridge in Verona, and the 2 meter repeater is located on the second Watchung Mountain ridge in West Orange with a remote receiver located at the 220 site.

The system was started in 1973 by twelve amateurs who funded and built the 2 meter repeater.  Their goal was to provide reliable communications in northern New Jersey and foster a better understanding and attitude toward amateur radio.  It is important to remember that at this time 2 meter FM was in its early infancy and features like auto-patch, time, weather, etc were features to be coveted.

While all three repeaters offer reliable two-way communications over a wide area of NJ, currently both 2 meters and 440 have emergency power backup.  In addition the 2 meter repeater still has auto-patch and also has an internet connection via IRLP.

There are expenses related to the operation of this system.  By FCC rule repeaters must have land-line control which combined currently cost $720.00 per year.  In addition there have been numerous maintenance expenses which any 24/7 electronic system will experience.  While you are certainly welcome to use any of the repeaters at any time, if you value the service and coverage they provide, we encourage you to help cover the operating expenses through your financial support.  While no donation is too small, your gift of $20.00 per year will really help.  For full 2 meter privileges including the codes to use IRLP, a gift of $24.00 per year is suggested. Click here for form.

You may make a donation via PayPal: WA2JSB@aol.com.

Questions and other methods of payment may be sent to:


27 Lincoln Ave

West Orange, NJ 07052

Your financial support will help keep W2QR on the air and be “the finest sound around”!