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Mike, NI2S's Ham Blog

Mike, NI2S's Ham Blog

Welcome to my blog.  On this page I will chronicle my Ham Radio adventures, such as they are.  Currently, the primary purpose of this page is to share my efforts to build a fully loaded Elecraft K2 QRP rig.

Bio/background:  First a word or two about the operator.....I was introduced to Ham Radio by my father, K2AJV(SK) at an early age.  In fact, I attended my first Field Day at the age of 7, and it was that event which hooked me on Ham Radio.  I obtained my novice license at the age of 16 in 1977.  By 1979 I had my General.  There I remain, though I aspire someday soon to get my Extra.  Even before I got my ticket, I had built (though very poorly) a Heathkit HW-7 and an HW-8.  Kit building was in my blood.   After a number of years, and with improved patience and skill, I built a Heathkit HW-5400, which replaced a Ten-Tec Century 21 as my primary HF rig.  I never did have much luck with QTH's being favorable to the hobby.  I bounced from one RF hole to another.  Even my present QTH in Boonton, NJ is not ideal.  I was on the air over the years sporadically, frequently frustrated by a general lack of ability to get my signal out beyond the borders of the State.  In time, I was able to afford a top flight rig.  The Yaesu FT-1000MP had been recently introduced, and I had to have it.  So, the HW-5400, which was getting a little PLL shaky anyway, was retired (I will never sell it).  Then I bought my house here in Boonton, and the Yaesu stayed in the box while I launched a highly ambitious top-to-bottom overhaul of this old house.  For the next 10 years, my only HF operating was at Field Day (usually using said FT-1000MP), and VHF/UHF.

Along the way, when I naively thought I was nearing completion on the house, I decided (with some goading from Brian, KF2HC) to buy an Elecraft K2 as my reward for being H/F deprived all these years.  So I purchased K2 SN#353.  I promised myself that I would not build the K2 until the house was finished.  Well, after 4 more years, the house is finished.  Time for a different kind of construction project!

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