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WEARC Wireless Newsletter January 1995

Message From the President

During the past year, a group of local hams had come together and through much thought had come to the conclusion that there is a need for another radio club to support the many Hams in the West Ess.ex area. It was recognized by this group that the Amateur Radio contains many facets and any one ham may only be interested in a narrow area of the hobby. The need for an amateur radio club which does not focus on any one area but supports the enjoyment of all the facets of the hobby exists. As a result, the group joined together and sought out a location which was large enough and would be supported by the local community to house a radio club. The town of Essex Fells offered the use of a meeting hall with a large working fireplace on the second floor of their Service Building. This hall will support a meeting of over 80 members and has an area which provides a secure place for the club's radio equipment.

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Club Meeting Location:

American Red Cross Office

209 Fairfield Rd

Fairfield, NJ 07004

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