The W2EF DMP Repeater

Scope and Intentions

Since DMR Radios and DMR Hotspots have become common our club decided to investigate building a DMR Switch to provide our own independent talk groups for club activities.

Wr have built a switch based on the HBLink3 software which is running on a server in the cloud. This switch currently has four talk groups configured, these TG's are available for anybody who connects to the switch, but access may be limited to club members in the future.

Two of the talk groups are configured for club nets and two are connected through to the Brandmeister server. The Brandmeister connections are primaraly there for testing and to provide traffic throught the day so that users can varify the switch is working.

The switch admin screen can be seen using the following link this page also has details of the configured nets.

If there is interest, this switch can be exstended to include a gateway to DStar, link to local repeaters or connect to a future club RF repeater.