Minutes of the ‘Election' Business Meeting, June 5, 2024

Meeting Venue: Fairfield ARC & Skype.
The Meeting opened with a quorum present: June 5, 2024, 7:33 PM EDT

In Person: Allan Spera (KD2VLP), Mike Abbey (KC2NJ), Bill Kelly (NB1LL),
CJ Melhorn (KD2TZX), Hector Pecorari
(KD2WWU), Rich Kopelow (KD2WJR),
Bill Leger
(WA2WL), George Abrantes (K2BWO) and
(Mo) Naraine (KB2SUL)a guest & the ‘Net Controller’ for the Tuesday Night Net!

On Skype: Benett Rosen (AC2NI), Tom Ko (KE2BYC), John Beck (KD2WGN), Mike Luongo (K2NNN),
Jerry Scola (WB2GZL), Stan Rogacki (K2EXX), Wayne Oshin (K2WAA), Mar Christiano ( KD2DMO)

The purpose of this Business meeting was to vote the slate of nominations for the WEARC 2024 Elections; the normal order of business was dispensed with and the meeting proceeded with the election. The Election Official was BillK.

Allan opened the meeting calling for any other nominations; none were received. Allan closed the nominations. Allan announced the slate of nominees:

Co-Presidents: Benett and Allan
Vice President: Hector
Chief Operating Officer: CJ
Club License Trustee: CJ
Treasurer: MikeL
WebMaster: Mar
Club Secretary: Mar

The slate of nominees was voted on, all were in favor, no one opposed.
Allan declared the vote accepted and closed.

The Trustee positions were reviewed. There was one Trustee position to be decided with Steve Currenti’s term expiring June 30, 2024. Benett went over the Trustee responsibilities and what the position requires.
The Election Official went over eligibility requirements. Jerry Scola was nominated and accepted the Trustee position. >>Thanks SteveC for his Trustee service!!
The current Trustees are:
Stan Rogacki – K2EXX (Term expiring 6/2025)
Rich Kopelow – KD2WJR (Term expiring 6/2026)
Jerry Scola – WB2GZL (Term expiring 6/2027)

Changes to the Constitution were discussed regarding Membership (voting Members, who can hold a Trustee position, how a quorum is defined, Membership requirements, should Limited Membership be expanded). In addition to Membership, increasing the Dues by $10 was proposed, to build a reserve. This would make Dues $35/year. Various alternatives were discussed, including multiple year discounts and assessments for special purchases. At this time there are no changes to the Dues.

With all the discussion on the Constitution/By-Laws, it was suggested a committee be formed to consider updates. CJ agreed to Lead the team, composed of the club Officers and anyone interested. (Currently BillK and Rich).

New Members:
Allan reminded everyone Steve Santore's (AC2PO) membership still needed to be ratified with a full quorum present. Steve's membership was ratified, no one opposed.

George Abrantes (K2BWO), who has been attending meetings for a couple months, was nominated for membership; George was approved, no one opposed. >>Welcome George!!!!

Mar took action items to add George to the Member List and update members listings to reflect new positions.

Steve W sent the Stats for May:
Users: 126 users, 73 new. 28 users from NJ of which 16 new.
49 visits to the calendar; 33 Our Members; 32 Members; 26 Meeting Minutes; 26 Recent Blogs;
24 VE sessions; 21 Meshtastic Best Devices; 15 Contact Us

Search: 60 direct URL; 59 Organic Search
12 Referrals: 3 – ARRL; 2 – Exam Tools; 2 – QRZ,; 1 – Switch; 1- Hamstudy

Mar mentioned Steve had re-enabled logins for all users; the Password Reset should work for anyone needing to reset their password.

Allan mentioned a filmmaker contacted him via the website for filming. Allan invited him and the Actors to Field Day and passed the request onto other Members.

BillI also mentioned the website gets hits; he was contacted about providing License classes for other areas.

Field Day updates:

Field Day 2024: June 22nd and 23rd; Red Cross Building, Fairfield NJ.

Last Practice Session(s): June 8th and 9th 9am. BillK will be onsite both days for the Extra Class and will have the garage open. Goals: Put up remaining antennas and conduct operational testing. A Sunday session may not be required if all testing is complete on Saturday.

It was determined the only technical equipment needed for Field Day was headphone splitters for the operators (2 per station), with adapters. Hector was asked make the purchases for the club. The current operational plan is to have all equipment operating from within the garage, with the exception of the GOTA (Stan) and Satellite (Rich) stations. Jerry asked about lo-band equipment; CJ said the ICOMs should be OK.

Stan plans to have the GOTA station up both days; he and CJ will coordinate on a time to have Boy Scouts visit.

Rich plans to have the Satellite equipment up both days as a showcase; actual operating times are planned for off-hours and geared to satellite availability.

BillK went over the Field Day preparations for the facility; arrangements for those operating overnight; the kitchen equipment, clearing the garage; setting up the banners in front, and will finalize details for the Red Cross provided Refreshments this week. (Thank you!)

Asked about having a grill, BillK said is OK to operate in the back if people would like it. Stan mentioned his experience with grilling in previous years; he felt running a grill was expensive and not the best use of club funds.

In addition to the Club Banners, Allan suggested posters for BillK to display at the Red Cross Building.

CJ mentioned having buttons made; and while a shirt order was not an organized effort, there were places to order shirts. CJ thought having club gear available for purchase year round should be explored. MikeL provided a link for HamThreads, https://www.hamthreads.com/ and MikeA suggested 4Imprint, https://www.4imprint.com/


Satellite Communication:
Rich reported his progress with the Satellite. (Check out Rich’s and Steve’s ‘Skype Chat’ entries). On Sunday, June 2nd, Rich tested the equipment at Eagle Rock; the trackers, diplexer, and antennas are working. He made contact with the ISS. He's still checking out some issues. As large as the setup is, it does attract attention. For Field Day, Rich plans trying to make contact at an off time and provide the equipment as a showpiece during the day. Only one contact is needed for Field Day points; some of the issues for making contact involve the passes predicted on Field Day; the number of people trying to make a contact; FM will be swamped and not many satellites are available.
AMSAT – The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation

GOTA Station:
Stan has everything set for the GOTA station. He has a canopy if needed and will operate off batteries so electrical wiring to the garage isn’t needed. The plan is to operate both days.

General Discussion:
BillK reported that the ARRL website was getting back to normal operation: people who took the License Exam in May were notified. BillK also reminded everyone the Extra Examine Question Pool changes July 1st, which is why his class is scheduled for this month (8th and 9th).


A motion to adjourn was made 8:55 PM EDT, seconded; all in favor.

Club Meeting Location:

American Red Cross Office

209 Fairfield Rd

Fairfield, NJ 07004

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