WEARC Fox Hunt April 2023

WEARC-Fox-Hunt Fox Hunt 2023

The fox: Bionics MicroFox 15 (@146.565 MHz) https://www.byonics.com/mf The "hunting weapons": MWRF Source SMA Male to SMA Female 6GHz Attenuator 2W (30 dB) The greatest transceiver of all times: Baofeng UV5R   SDR: Nooelec RTL-SDR v5 SDR - NESDR Smart HF/VHF/UHF (100kHz-1.75GHz) USB C Male to USB female adaptor Compass: BIJIA Orienteering...

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Meshtastic-solar-project Meshtastic-project-solar-heltec-node

Meshtastic is an open-source, low-cost, long-range, and secure mesh networking platform that has been gaining popularity among technology enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers. This platform enables people to create decentralized, private, and resilient wireless networks that can operate without the need for centralized infrastructure or internet con...

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Club Meeting Location:

Essex Fells Service Building,

307 Runnymede Road, Second Floor,

Essex Fells, NJ 07021

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