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20230627_115735 My Camping Station

I got into using FT8 this summer when camping. In 2023 now post COVID I had to adapt to having other campers close by which made it embarrassing to be talking to myself late at night and possibly annoying my fellow campers. I was lucky and able to download all the software and get it running on my laptop during a wet day and then spend the night ex...

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Unexpected passing of our President Don K2DEG

K2DEG scouts

I am shocked and sad to have to report that Don, our club president, has joined the silent keys on the other side of the DX. Don passed on 26th December 2022 from complications recovering from COVID. None of us anticipated losing Don so suddenly and I am sure many of us would have wanted to share the New Year with him, all of us will miss his wisdo...

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First Public Display of the WEARC Satellite Tracker


Our satellite tracker has finally come of age. It made its first public appearance during Field Day 2022. After some last-minute upgrades, the project was considered deployable and set to work tracking satellites for real. After a night research we were armed with a list of potential targets. The list was short, only 14 possible satellites and only...

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Starting a New Life for the Clubs Donated IC-701


Long before I joined the club a couple of years ago, a club member, now a silent key, donated his IC-701. He was Harold K2IBM an active member who recently went silent key. Since we have been getting some new club members there is a need for a "loner HF station" so a new member who has not yet invested in a rig can get on the air. In the past these...

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How to Set-Up and Test Your Station


A beginners guide to practical testing, setting up your equipment and how to start at Homebrew. This is a blog of the first run of this presentation captured from a Skype Club Meeting held Wednesday January 27th, 2021. The recorded video and a downloadable set of slides are below.  Part One – How to set-up and test your station • We review typ...

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Sharing my antenna tuner


After a club.meeting some members asked for a demonstration of using an antenna tuner. Although there are a lot of YouTube videos and articles online I did not see an example like the one I was given as a young operator. Loading an incandescent light bulb Using a light bulb as a dummy load is a good way of seeing how tuning affects power. Fun as we...

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So you passed your Technicians Exam, What Next?


OK, you finally got the nerve to go and take the Technician Exam, and Wallah! You passed! What next? Well, I believe we've all been in that same position. Lucky for you, you're in the right place if you took the Exam at a local Radio Club.Stick around and ask questions. Pretty much everyone in the Hobby is willing to help out a New Ham. If you're a...

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Our Holiday Party


Our annual Holiday party was held on Saturday December 14th, 7PM at Don Pepe II. Spouses, significant other, and other were invited. We had a great record breaking turn out this year, over 20 people attending! Our President Don awarded a liquid prize to the person having the nearest birthday. This was won by Harold W2IBM.

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DMR Hot Spot Night


Tonight's general meeting turned into a show and tell for DMR Hot Spots, three members showed their personal Hot Spots and these covered the range from home made to commercial supported unit. You see all three in the photo. The one on the left was from Benett AC2NI who was the first member to build his Hot Spot and use DMR. In turn the middle unit ...

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Education Lesson on FT 8


The following outline is an introduction to the digital mode on hf. 1.Get the latest software at https://physics.princeton.edu/pulsar/k1jt/wsjtx.html2.Your computer needs digital audio drivers3.Your computer has to be in sync with the time and must be within +/-.5 seconds https://time.gov/4.Regardless of what band your rig is on it must be in USB5....

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Anonymous Equipment Donation


At our general meeting on 6/19/2019 we were about to start planning the upcoming Field Day when a stranger appeared at the door. We think W3??? Announced himself and offered us the remnants of his ham gear because he wanted it to go to a good home. He was downsizing and leaving Ham Radio and had found us from our website. In the excitement to see w...

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Repairing our Alpha Delta Parallel Dipole Antenna


Our May 15th club meeting was used to repair our "new" Alpha Delta Parallel Dipole Antenna. This antenna is a Parallel Dipole Antennas which consist of the Alpha Delta DELTA-C center insulator and end insulators, ISO-RES coils connected to the 80/40/15 meter wires, and separate wires for 20 and 10 meters. You can find details of the antenna here. &...

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The New Beginning - From Our President Donald Saltzman, K2DEG


The WEARC started in 1994 with the main goal to come together in an atmosphere where like-minded amateur radio operators could both discuss and engage in contesting, DX'ing and all modes of ham radio communication. As expected, the annual Field Day is the most-anticipated club event for WEARC, as it is for most amateur radio clubs. Our club will of...

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Sad passing of our President


I am very sad to announce that John Weinfeld N2NO has gone silent key. He was our club president and will be missed by all who knew him. Rest in peace our friend. 73 N2NO remembered by Mike Hartmann, NI2S I first met John on the front steps of the Grover Cleveland Junior High School in Caldwell, waiting for the doors to open on the first day of sch...

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We did some great DX that day


Looking cautiously round, to ascer-tain that they were not overheard, the two hags cowered nearer to the fire. She was bouncing away,  Looking cautiously round, to ascer-tain that they were not overheard, the two hags cowered nearer to the fire. She was bouncing away,

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We had a field day at sometime


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Club Meeting Location:

American Red Cross Office

209 Fairfield Rd

Fairfield, NJ 07004

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