About Us

The West Essex Amateur Radio Club was founded in 1994 by a group of local hams.  Their goal was to come together in an atmosphere where like-minded amateur radio operators could both discuss and engage in contesting, DX’ing and all modes of ham radio communication, including voice, digital and (CW) code.  With over 500 years of combined radio experience, our club will often host or participate in local community events.  As expected, the annual Field Day, held on the fourth full weekend in June, is the most-anticipated club event for WEARC, as it is for most amateur radio clubs. 

As an organization, WEARC firmly believes in the spirit of community service and outreach.  We directly support and are affiliated with Essex County RACES.  In addition, other members are involved in the Metro Red Cross, Military MARS and other emergency organizations in the state and region. 

Our dedication to ham radio is unwavering.  WEARC is committed to doing their part in helping those interested in getting involved in this exciting hobby we all share.  To this end, we sponsor monthly licensing test sessions for prospective hams, as well as those who wish to upgrade their license.  Our door is also open to those who simply wish to learn more about the world of ham radio, or work on their test preparation and general knowledge base with a receptive “Elmer”.  Club meetings are open to all who are interested.

To become a full member you must be elected by members. 

The club meets on the 2nd floor of the Essex Fells Service Building, located at 307 Runnymede Road, Essex Fells, NJ 07021, next to the Essex Fells Post Office, on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month.   Meeting start time is 8:00pm, but the doors are usually open by 7:30pm. 


Presidents Message

I would like to introduce our association, The West Essex Amateur Radio Club (WEARC) and myself, Donald Saltzman, K2DEG.

Over the years, as with most organizations, the club fell into a rut and was not growing in attracting new members nor having a lot of new activities.

Upon the recent passing of our long incumbent President, a meeting of members was held, a new direction for the club was established with a commitment of more active participation by all the members, and I was elected to be the new President.  For the last few months the change has been astonishing with many more activities scheduled and more participation by the members. 

This web page, for which we owe Steve, KD2QIP all of the credit for designing, building out and implementing, has helped galvanize the membership and get them involved

The clubs first step towards a rebirth was the massive cleanup of the club facilities. A group of members, spending a good part of a day, went through all of the years of accumulated equipment, papers and “junque” and managed to fill a dumpster.  A lot of “stuff” has been set aside to be taken to a ham flee market. The final act of the day was to set up a permanent operating station so that members and non-members who wish to operate on the first and third Wednesday evening of the month can do so with the mere flip of a switch. This will provide a service for those hams who do not have a station at home and want to get on the air.

All our full members are licensed operators

You can read more about our members.
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Club Meeting Location:

Essex Fells Service Building,

307 Runnymede Road, Second Floor,

Essex Fells, NJ 07021

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