In the midst of a Global Pandemic what are we to do?

The Absolute Fact is Clear. We are in the Midst of a Global Pandemic. With so many casualties due to Covid-19, and the World Powers frantically looking for a cure. What are We to do? Are we to live our lives in Fear? Or, like many others, would we choose to Live? Yes, there are the obvious truths that many are walking around with the virus unknowingly. Yes, the chances of contracting this virus is possible. But as long as we follow the protocol that the Officials have given us. The precautionary measures that our Parents always told us. Cover your face when you sneeze. Wash your hands frequently. Stay away from sick ones.  As we follow these basic and simple measures, we can Live Life without Fear grasping us. Along with our Basic instructions from our Parents, we should wear a face mask when entering a public place. Keep six feet apart from each other. And stay home if we're not feeling well.

With that in Mind.I, myself Lou KD2TSC, in the black mask, along with Metin KD2UAF, in the white mask, decided to hit the park.It was a nice day, and I was just itching to try out my new Rig, the Kenwood TS140S, along with my MFJ 971 Manual Antenna Tuner, and an Expert Power 12v battery. We made an inverted V speaker wire antenna.Threw it up about 40ft into an evergreen. And hit the waves. Came across several groups talking. And even some that sounded like they heard us calling CQ.But none answered our calls. About 20 minutes in, the weather cut our outing.

The important this is….We went OUT! We had FUN! We LIVED LIFE! As you can see in the pictures, we were also Socially Responsible. We kept reasonable distance from each other. Wore our masks. And afterwards made sure everything was properly sanitized. Don't let Fear grip you. Be Careful. But Live Life. And I hope to Meet you Down the Log!  73's.

Lou Mercado,


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