My new Kenwood TS890


 This is an amazing radio. The receive clarity is outstanding. I am a SSB rag chewer so I really enjoy clean clear audio. My previous rig was the Kenwood TS590S. I enjoyed using that radio. It has excellent clarity but the TS890 take the receive to a new level. The quality of the signals I receive are so clear and crisp. It makes listening much easier. After all my years of playing rock in a band, I really appreciate the quality. It has a 2 position noise reduction button which does a great job. When I used that feature on my 590, it would almost block as much audio as noise. The TS890 does a far superior job. It really helps get rid of the noise while keeping the audio. Big improvement. Having the waterfall is another added benefit. Just touch the screen and the radio jumps to the active frequency. 

As I use the radio a bit more, I will update the post. My next test is to check some microphones. I have 5 mics and my plan is to do a comparison without making any changes to the EQ. I will leave it flat and see what sounds better. The 5 mics are:

  1. Kenwood MC60A
  2. Heil  HM10 XD
  3. Sure SM58
  4. Electro Voice RE20
  5. AKG D8000M
Look for my next update. 73 till then.
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Wednesday, 02 December 2020

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